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Zitahli Resort & Spa Dholhiyadhoo Maldives

Zitahli Dholhiyadhoo, Maldives is situated in Shaviyani Atoll and is at a distance of 210 Kilometers from the international airport. You can reach the island in approximately 50 minutes via seaplane. The journey is quite enchanting and introduces you to amazing aerial view of Maldives, thus welcoming you in the best way possible.

Renaissance Maldives Gaakoshibee Resort & Spa

Renaissance Maldives Gaakoshibee Resort & Spa Hotel is situated in Shaviyani Atoll. The resort hotel is 230 kilometers away from the international airport. It can be reached in an approx of 55 minutes by seaplane. Though comparatively longer, the journey by seaplane is quite amazing and is sure to welcome you in the best way possible with its stunning aerial views. Don’t forget to have camera outside and capture the scenic beauty of the islands as you cover the distance between the airport and your destination.