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Shop till you drop in Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a perfect delight for shoppers. For die hard shopaholics Maldives is the ultimate shopping destination. The shopping destinations of the country have something to offer for everyone. If you are looking for some world class brands, Maldives has a great range to offer. If you are a street shopping freak, Maldives is the place for you.

You can literally shop till you drop in Maldives. The shopping list of the venues of this country is endless. You can shop anything and everything in Maldives. From garments to cosmetics, handicrafts, jewelry, souvenirs, perfumes, electronic goods and canned fish, you can shop everything from the Republic of Maldives to your heart’s content. The main shopping centers of the country are Chaanhanee Magu and Majeedhee. Both these shopping places are situated in the capital city of Male’. If you are looking for some good duty free stuff, check out the duty free shopping outlets called Islanders Maldives and Le Cute placed at the Male International Airport.

Maldives is a paradise, not only in terms of natural beauty but also for compulsive shoppers. The best part of shopping in Maldives is that you are not restricted in any way, neither the time, nor the pricing. Brands like Benetton, Elle and Givenchy are quite popular in Maldives as far as clothing and accessories are concerned. A fashion worshiper can get the best he can ask for in Maldives. It has been seen that the tourists traveling to the country show special interest in the elaborate range of timepieces for ladies, men and kids.

Electronic goods from different international brands like Sony, Nikon, Philips, Canon, Panasonic and many similar names, can be fetched from the markets of Maldives.

Here are a few tips while you are on a shopping spree in Maldives-

  • Don’t forget to carry enough Maldivian currency in your pocket. That will help you in street shopping.
  • Don’t feel ashamed on bargaining on the streets of Maldives. Although it is an art, the Maldivian street venders are a master at that. Use your experience while evaluating the real price of the object.
  • You can also carry your credit cards if you wish to splurge on brands. You have an advantage if you shop for branded stuff in Maldives. You get to lay your hands on the latest collection.
  • Don’t forget to buy souvenirs from the streets of this island country.
  • Maldives is the ultimate place for wooden lacquer ware. So don’t miss out of these. Not only are they Maldives’ exclusivity, but they have a lot of beauty added to them.
  • The markets of Maldives have a lot of decorative stuff to offer. Pick the one that suits the décor of your house and get going. You can opt for some calligraphy paintings to take back home along with you.
  • Shop till you drop. The markets are open till late night.

Maldives Shopping