Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Maldives: Nature’s Masterpiece

Maldives, a place so enchanting amidst standstill vastness of sea. Contrary to popular view, Maldives is not just for honeymooners or divers. The island is a delight for all the nature lovers who seek solace from day to day routine. Soothing blue water and greenery around is bound to take you on a memorable ride. The place is indeed the nature’s master piece.

No one wants his or her trip to be upsetting in any way. And thus Spice Maldives an important division of Spice Voyage, is here to assist you in planning a fabulous trip based on your priority.

The combination of deep blue water and white sand look so beautiful that you might wonder if this is a natural creation or a designer’s masterpiece. The greenery of Palm trees provides the right amount of that missing green colour. It presents a perfect set up for any picture. And if tin case this fails to entice you, clear blue sky over your head is sure to make you fell in love with the place.

Maldivian Islands have more than just beauty to offer. For all the adventure lovers, crystal clear water of the sea provides you with the best option for diving and water games. From water polo to snorkeling, Maldives keeps you engaged all through out the tour.

For all the divers who want to have a close look at the life inside water, you are in for a treat here. From minuscule fish to magnificent sharks, you can spot all most everything under the water. However, if you are not very confident of diving capabilities and decides to be away, you are not missing much as thousands of fish and marine creatures can be spotted because of the amazing clarity of water.

Maldives has numbers of facilities to train you in diving, in case you are not familiar with the same. Moving to other facilities, the island has abundance of options for you to choose from. From hotels and luxury resorts and secluded cottages, you can opt for anything based on your budget and priority. However, if you have difficulty in finalising on resorts and vacation packages, our service at Spice Maldives is sure to take out of the dilemma.

To add a bonus to all this, MaldivesPlanet.com comes with various tour packages catering to various interests and needs. With offers including sight seeing, customised packages and hotel bookings, it takes care of everything, leaving you just to enjoy the exceptional beauty and charm of Maldives.

Before you say bye to Maldives, it can be good idea to go around and interact with the locals and get a real picture of the place. Having a tour in the inhabited part of island is equally interesting and captivating. The simplicity of the lifestyle and inhabitants’ innocence is sure to strike you. You can be surprised to see the difference in appearance of its inhabitants which differ extensively because of the difference in their lineage. However, while on your tour it is advisable to follow certain cautions in dressing so as to respect the local sentiments. This and other important information will be provided to you by Spice Maldives even before you reach there.

After your memorable stay if you are looking for something to take home, the place has some interesting stuff to offer you. Woven mats with exceptional geometric designs are worth spending your money on. Traditional ornaments and lacquer work are few of the things that deserve some space in your bags while on your return journey.

Maldives with its incomparable beauty and comforting surrounding is sure to see you again touring to the place. And Spice Maldives to serve you again in your next trip!

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