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Maldives, a paradise on Earth promises an exceptional vacation to all the tourists. Shimmering white beaches with turquoise lagoons around them and palm trees presenting a touch of greenery on the snowy white beaches along with mesmerising coral gardens and calm atmosphere create a perfect setting for all kinds of vacation- be it honeymoon or family trip or an adventure tour. Not just a refreshing environment and scenic beauty, Maldives also offers its tourists with excitement of adventurous sports and excursions. You have umpteen numbers of water sports to get yourself engaged in. Some of these are water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, banana riding, speed boating, fun tubes, mono skiing, kite surfing, glass bottom boat and jet skiing. One of the most popular of the sports is fishing.

Island has favourable conditions and excellent facilities for most of the water sports. High visibility of the water along with moderate temperature of the water makes it easier for the tourists to try various water sports. For instance, the visibility of the water is up to 15 - 40 metres (50 - 130 feet). And the temperature of water usually 24°C (75°F) in February and July to 27°C (81°F) in April, May and September. Along with this, rich marine life with exotic flora and fauna beneath the India Ocean make water sports extremely attractive and something to be tried for sure during your Maldives vacation. The facilities offered by the resort are also of high quality. Most of the resort and hotels offers all required equipment for fishing such as fish rods, fish finders and international fishing hooks along with Dhoni, local Maldivian boats and speedboats. All these make the experience even more enjoyable which generally ends with barbeque and music by the side of the ocean under the moonlit open sky.

There are various kinds of fishing that you can choose from. Big game fishing, which is also called as morning fishing, depends on the weather condition and fishing location. During this fishing, you can catch big game like sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellow fish tuna, wahoo, swordfish and many other big fishes outside the atoll. In this, your Dhoni will move just around the atoll enclosure reefs where you can find exotic big fishes.

Night fishing is exceptionally exciting and is nothing less than a boon for the fishing lovers. For this fishing, your Dhoni will leave the island and anchors by the outer Atoll reefs in the evening with the increasing darkness. The lines and sinkers are dropped in the reef waters from different sides of the Dhoni. You can catch fishes like emperors, snappers, squirrelfish, jacks and other reef fishes. The experience of catching exquisite fishes under the star stud sky is worth remembering. There are also fishing trip for fishing lovers organised by most of the resorts. Along with this, you also have fishing villages. Going for fishing doesn’t provide you with just excitement but also a relaxing and refreshing experience amidst the best of the nature’s creations.