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The scenic beauty of Male’ - Maldives Capital

Male’ is to Maldives what diamond is to a ring. Yes, the capital city of Maldives, Male’ is undoubtedly the most gorgeous place of the country. Being the capital city, Male’ is the power hub too.

Male’ is situated on the southern part of North Male’ Atoll which is also known as Kaafu atoll. It is worth mentioning here that this is one of the biggest administrative atoll of Maldives.

The Republic of Maldives takes pride in calling Male’ as its capital city. The reasons are innumerous. Traditionally, Male’ was the king’s island. So one can obviously guess the kind of royalty this beautiful piece of earth has enjoyed over the years. The ancient Maldive Royal dynasties used to rule the country from this place only. Male’ was known as Mahal at that point in time. The name Male’ has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘mahaalay’, which means ‘big house’.

The history of Male’ dates back in 16th century. The credit of establishing Male’ goes to the Portuguese, who ruled Maldives at that time. Male’ is basically divided into four parts named Henveiru, Galolhu, Maafannu and Machangolhi.

Male’ is an attraction amongst the tourists from all over the world. This is the reason why Male’ has a lot to offer to the people coming there. The roads of the city are lined up with restaurants. One can have a good taste of the local cuisine in these restaurants, after you are done with your shopping. Yes Male’ is a great destination for shoppers too. Apart from some world famous brands, you get to splurge on some locally made stuff too. Street shopping is an amazing attraction of Male’. The wooden lacquer ware is a great attraction for the foreign shoppers coming down to the country.

The high rising buildings and sky scrapers of the city are not only photogenic but also a great piece of scientific work. Not only is the city developed in a world class way, it also has a fine balance of natural beauty to offer. The palm trees paved on the streets of the capital city give it a photogenic view. The palm trees in the city contribute ot the greenery of the city and also to its beauty.

Male’ does not have beaches to offer because it is surrounded by sea walls from all sides. But you don’t miss this factor in this part of the country. Male’ is beautiful sans the traditional Maldivian beaches. The city makes you feel out of the world with its scenic beauty. The pleasant look that Male’ offers is truly phenomenal and totally world class. The warmth of the people of the city add to the pleasure of visiting this place. If you wish to add some beautiful memories to your travelogue, Male’ is the place to visit. A good blend of traditions and modernity is what you can expect from this city of Maldives. Male’ is truly welcoming in every way. Be there and feel it for yourself!

Male - The Maldives Capital