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Experience the richness of culture in Maldives

The gorgeous country of Maldives is a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world. It wouldn’t be untrue if Maldives is called the paradise on earth. The place is bestowed with immense natural beauty. Several islands accumulate to form the country of Maldives and so do the people from different backgrounds. Maldives is a place with mixed race of people. Maldivian culture is said to be a mix of different cultures. It is diverse and has the ability to enchant you with its traditional color.

The history of Maldives reveals that the country has been a home for many communities who chose to make this beautiful place their new home.

The country shares its proximity with South India and Sri Lanka. The anthropological point of view states that a major portion of population of the country is Indo-Aryan. Dhivehi, the official language of the country is an integral part of its rich culture. There are several other dialects as well, spoken in different parts of the country.

Maldives is also popular for being the land of festivities. The people of Maldivs celebrate all the festivals appearing in the traditional Muslim calendar. Islam is an important part of the Maldivian culture.

The local cemeteries and beautifully carved tombstones cannot miss attracting your eyeballs. If you wish to carry some memories of the place, exquisitely carved souvenirs are something unique available on the streets that you can take back home. Tortoise shell ornaments is another must-buy thing in this country. Maldives promises its exclusivity in these ornaments as well. Some other things you can check out in the local bazaars of this lively country are red mats. Pillboxes, flower vases and lacquer ware.

Since it is an island nation, boat building is an important part of the culture of this country Maldives. You get the pleasure of seeing the craftsmen creating ‘dhonis’ or fishing boats while you are on atour to this exotic place.

Besides that, music and dance are an important part of the culture of Maldives. It is an essential part of the life of a common Maldivian. The people of Maldives have a high regard for music. The favorite musical instrument of the people of Maldives is Bulbul. Bulbul is a horizontal accordion which is used while playing devotional songs.

There are several dance forms which are popular in Maldives. Most of the dance forms that Maldivians practice are related to specific occasions and festivities are and performed in groups. The dance forms of the country are an important part of the culture of Maldives. Yet another important part of the Maldives culture is the food. The sea food delicacies offered in the country are at par with the finest food cuisines in the world. If you wish to experience the true flavor of the country, don’t miss out on a cultural program. You get the see the fun side of the country. The best part of the Maldivian culture is that it is receptive. This gives Maldivians an advantage to incorporate the best points from across the world in their lifestyle.

Maldives Culture