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The resort has 6 rooms in total thus if really wish to spend your holidays at Banyan Tree Madivaru, you need to have your reservations well in advance. The set up of villas that is tented pool villas blends perfectly with the serene and simplistic nature of Maldives around you. If you are skeptical about the comfort in these villas, you can leave all your worries behind. These villas provide you with exceptionally luxurious setting with beautifully designed wooden furniture, timber flooring and outdoor showers. The resort island is one of its kinds in Maldives and promises some unique and cherishing moments during your stay.

6 tented pool villas at the resort island are divided into three parts- one part as living room, another as sleeping room and one as bathing place. The bath tent along with its spacious built offers pair of spa beds where you can indulge in pampering with the massages and facials provided at the resort island.

Though the only thing you would prefer to do after you reach this incredible island is laze around and praise the charm of this God’s one of the best creations, there are some activities that are going to attract you. Snorkeling and diving are two most famous amongst tourists, mainly because of the rich marine life at the island. Other recreational activities provided at the resort are windsurfing, night fishing, paddle boat, wake boarding and mono skiing. You also have motorized water sports to entertain yourself.

To see the real life of Maldives and if you don’t prefer just sticking to one’s room, local island excursions are for you. Resort Island also has interesting dining options for you. Hotel Banyan tree Madivaru Restaurant & Bar offers you with delicious food in a homely setting. You have the option of dining indoor as well as outdoor. Dining at the outside deck, looking at the deep Indian Ocean and clear sky, sipping your favorite drink, by the side of your beloved, create a romantic setting. Another dining option, especially for couples and honeymooners is Sandbank Dining. Think of a secluded sandbank with your beloved having some exquisite food. Can any setting be better than this? You are accompanied by the island host and a chef to serve you as per your convenience. Private in-villa dining let to have a lazy breakfast in the comfort of your bed, lunches with your partner by the pool and dinners at your villa under the stars and moonlight.

If you are up for some adventure and like to experience something different, you can for Madi Dining. Madi, traditional 2 master sailing yacht, take you to sailing into the vast ocean and provides mouth watering dishes for your appetite along with presenting you with a treat for your soul.