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The inviting climate of Maldives

Maldives is located at the equator, which is why it experiences monsoonal climate. There are two types of monsoons in the country. The first one is the southwest monsoon. Also known as the wet monsoon, the southwest monsoon lasts from May to October. It is this monsoon which brings rain and wind in the country. The other one is the northeast monsoon, popularly known as the dry monsoon. The temperature in these seasons hardly varies. A lot of Maldivian climate id affected by the sea breezes, since it is an island country. The hot temperature is often cooled sown by the breezy sea winds.

The temperature remains almost the same throughout the year. The daily temperature of the country ranges from 31° to 25°. Maldives is a sunny country. So if you are fond of a sun bath on a beautiful beach, Maldives has a great bled of the two to offer to you. The average daily sunshine in the country is about 8 hours.

The temperature of the country is determined by the monsoon. The hottest month of the year in Maldives is April and December is the coolest month of the country. The annual rainfall of the country is about 1796.3 mm.

Although Maldives has sea shores, it is not prone to severe storms. Severe storms are a rarity in Maldives.

The climate of the country is not extreme in any way. This is yet another reason why tourists from all parts of the world flock to this beautiful place.

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