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Skai Lodge Resort Maldives Hotel

Skai lodge is situated in Male, the capital city of Maldivian Islands. It is at a distance if 2 kilometers from the international airport. You can reach the hotel in an approx time of 10 minutes. Two modes of transportation are available for you to choose from- taxis and motor boats, both of them takes almost similar amount of time. There are 15 rooms at the hotel to accommodate you. As you enter the hotel you will be welcomed to its luxurious settings and beautifully designed interiors that blend perfectly with breath taking scenery outside.

All the rooms are air conditioned. Bathroom in each room is spacious and have constant supply of hot and cold water. Rooms are equipped with various kinds of modern amenities and facilities. Each room has mini bar, refrigerators and for your entertainment satellite TV. Thus, you can relax and get entertainment even in the comfort and privacy of your rooms. Prompt room service and efficient staff make it even easier for you to relax and access the services provided by the hotel. Guest laundry service, Safe deposit boxes, airport pickup and transport are few other facilities offered by the hotel. With these facilities at your disposal, you can enjoy your days at hotel without having any worries regarding your valuables or belongings or for any other matter. The facility of early morning breakfast adds on to the luxury quotient of your staying. The hotel also offers facilities for conferences and seminars. You have a business centre as well.

Talking about the activities to do during your vacation, shopping is one of the most important of all. You will get introduce to varied traditions and culture of the land along with having some interesting artifacts to take home. Male’ excursions also present you with the opportunity to explore the Maldivian life in a much better way and have a closer look. Picnic excursions let you be with the mesmerizing nature of the Maldives and enjoy the scenic beauty in a relaxed setting. On the other hand, excursions like night fishing provide you with an exciting and thrilling experience. As whole, the hotel offers a complete tour package to its guests.

Relax Inn Resort Maldives Hotel

Relax Inn Resort Maldives Hotel is located on the north east tip of the Male, the capital city of Maldivian Islands. The hotel is 2 kilometers away from the international airport. You can reach the Inn in an approx of 10 minutes by motor boats. However, the hotel is so closed to the airport that you can even cover the distance by walk. It will take not more than 5 minutes to reach the hotel. The walk is quite refreshing and can be a good idea.

The hotel has 41 rooms to accommodate its guests. There are varied kinds of accommodation to choose from. Thus you can prioritize your requirements and also based on your budget choose the best suitable type of accommodation. Standard Rooms, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Suites are the various kinds of accommodations available for hotel guests.

All the rooms have luxurious settings and equipped with many modern amenities making your stay as comfortable as it can. Each room is air conditioned and has spacious bathroom. The hotel provides for constant supply of hot and cold water. You also have accessories such as hair dryer and other bath accessories in your rooms. Amenities such as min bar and refrigerator are present in each room presenting a luxurious and comfortable stay. The hotel keeps its guests entertained by offering satellite TV letting you relax and enjoy at the same time. The facility of telephone allows you to connect with your near and dear one whenever you want.

Laundry services and room services are offered by the hotel for its guests. The guests can also enjoy the facility of swimming pool. The facility of safe deposit boxes let you enjoy your vacation to the most without any worries for your valuables and belongings. Going for shopping can be a good idea too as you will get many interesting gift options to take home. The restaurant at the hotel pampers you with exquisite varieties of delicacies provided by the highly qualified chefs.

There are many activities too that are sure to keep in good mood through out your stay. Excursions such as picnic excursions present an exciting opportunity to spend some quality time with calming and mesmerizing nature of the place. Other sports options such as game fishing add some excitement to your stay making it even more memorable. With excellent quality of services and comfortable options, the hotel Relax Inn is worth trying for.

Nalahiya Hotel Maldives Resort

Nasandhura Palace Hotel Resort Maldives

Nasandhura Palace Hotel is situated in the northern waterfronts of Male’ the capital city of Maldivian Islands. The hotel is 2 kilometers away from the international airport. You can reach the hotel in an approx of 10 minutes by motor boats. However, if you choose to cover the distance by waking, you will reach the hotel in not more than 5 minutes. The hotel was established in 1981 but was closes for a short duration during 2008. Now the new and renovated structure has come up under the management of Galaxy Enterprises. The hotel offers its guests four types of accommodation. You can choose based on your requirements and preferences. Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Premier Rooms and Suites are the various accommodation kinds available for you.

All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities and have stylish settings to make your stay as luxurious as it can. Some of the facilities differ slightly with the kinds of rooms you choose. Although the basic facilities offered in each room are similar. All the rooms are air conditioned. Bathrooms are spacious and are equipped with bath accessories. Modern amenities such as mini bars, tea and coffee making facilities, irons with ironing beds along with accessories like hair dryer are present in rooms. Basic facilities like luggage rack and spacious wardrobes with hangers and power outlets are being provided. For your entertainment, you have satellite TV or LCD TV. You are also provided with ample space making for sitting area letting you to simply relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. If you are travelling with your family, the hotel provides for cribs as well. Along with this, the facility of telephone keep you connected with the world outside. The hotel provides for other facilities such as laundry services and efficient room services for your comfort.

Dining at the hotel is also an experience in itself. With mouth watering food and delicacies catering to varied cuisines prepared by the restaurant’s expert chefs will making dining one of you most memorable moments. With menu varying from classic menu to trends menu to special menu, you have many options to choose from.

The hotel organizes for occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies or any other special ceremonies. So now you can celebrate your beautiful moments at the one of the most beautiful place on earth. There are facilities such as conference and seminar halls as well. Three kinds of halls that are available for you at the hotel are Abaarana, Samundhura and Goma.

Mookai Suite Resort Maldives

Mookai Suite is situated in the capital city of Maldives. The ‘only all suite’ accommodation is at a distance of 2 kilometers from the international airport. The hotel can be reached in an approx of 10 minutes from the airport by either hiring a taxi for yourself or going by motor boats. Both the modes are quite comfortable to travel and decently fast.

As you reach the hotel, you are being offered 52 rooms for accommodation. All the rooms are luxuriously equipped and beautifully designed promising a comfortable and style vacation. Rooms are air conditioned and have constant supply of hot and cold water. Bathrooms are spacious and have bath accessories. Amenities such as mini bar and refrigerators along with hair dryer are being provided in each room. The hotel provides facilities so as to keep you entertained. Satellite TV let have an entertaining time even in the comfort and privacy of your rooms. The facility of telephone allows you t contact your loved ones at your convenience.

Apart from these, the hotel provides for many other facilities as well. The option of safety deposit boxes allows you to roam around the city without any tension of your belongings. For those of who are travelling with their families and children, the hotel offers baby cots. For your comfort you have laundry services at your disposal. Prompt and efficient room service makes your stay even more comfortable and accessing services easier.

Coming to dining, the restaurant at the hotel treats you with mouth watering delicacies. Dishes prepared by the expert chefs, catering to varied tastes are sure to take you into a different world all together.

Apart from these, there are many activities that you can go for while holidaying in the island. Sopping is a must as you will get some exquisite artifacts to take home. Going for Male’ excursions introduce you to the tradition and culture of the city as well to the simplistic lifestyle of Maldivians. Picnic excursions can be exciting as well a relaxing amidst the soothing atmosphere of the island.