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Interesting places make Maldives the place to be

Maldives, the country blessed by God in true sense, is one of the most attractive places on this planet. The natural beauty of the place is an attraction for tourists from all over the world. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Republic of Maldives is on the wish list of the travel freaks from across the globe.

The reasons for this fondness for the country are many. Maldives has many interesting places to visit. This country of white sandy beaches has a lot of places to offer with serene natural beauty. The climate of Maldives adds to its beauty. In all you get the perfect rejuvenation in the country. If you are fond of sunny beaches, Maldives is the place to be. You can have some of the most cherishing memories on the sea shore of the country. Imagine a beautiful sunny afternoon on a clear beach with your partner…. Isn’t it the perfect time? This place leaves you longing for more.

Not only is Maldives the perfect place to have romance, if you have an adventurous bend, you have to visit the country to get the best experience. Maldives offers world class facilities for underwater sports. If you are and adventure freak, you simply cannot miss out on underwater activities in Maldives. These are considered to be the best form of recreation in Maldives. All the divers and snorkelers call this place a paradise for their kind of adventure. The temperature of the place adds to the fun of diving in Maldives. The temperature of Maldives remains warn all the year round which make the place ideal for the fun of diving.

Some of the popular places in Maldives are:

Ari Atoll: This atoll is popularly known as the natural atoll of Maldives. It is in fact one of the largest atoll of the country. This atoll is divided into two sections. This division has been done for administration purposes. The monsoon type of climate of Ari Atoll is a special attraction for the tourists coming to Maldives. The scenic beauty of this atoll sets it apart from the other parts of the country.

Hithadoo: Hithadoo is the capital of Seenu Atoll. Seenu Atoll is second largest atoll of Maldives as far as its population is concerned. The shrubs and palm trees of this place make it a beautiful option for spending some leisure time with the near and dear ones. Hithadoo is the second most developed island of the country, which is why people from all over the globe flock to this place to explore business avenues as well. Hithadoo has a lot of bent houses in it, which makes it look like a finely planned town.

Ihuru: Ihuru is popular for Angsana Resort and Spa Maldives. This is one of the most recently opened islands of the country and very well organized. This place is said to be one of the gems that was once lost in Indian Ocean and rediscovered in Maldives. This round shaped island is surrounde4d by beach from all sides. This factor makes it even more beautiful.

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