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The people of Maldives

If the tourism industry could find place in Maldives, it was not only because of the natural beauty of the place, but also the hospitable nature of the people of Maldives.

Tourists who visit the place are amazed with the warm reception they get in the country. John, a recent visitor of the country says, ‘the people of Maldives are warm and welcoming. They did not make me feel out of place even for a second. Maldives was home away from home for me till I stayed there. The hospitability you receive is definitely world class. This is not professional. A lot of personal touch is added to the care they provide you. ’

Maldivian people are strong believers of Islam. Spirituality and high level of dedication is common quality of the people of Maldives. One quality that impresses a visitor in the country is that Maldives people have a lot of mutual respect as well as respect for visitors. This feeling of respect makes the atmosphere worth living in the country. Maldivian people reflect a strong blend of traditions and modernity. They like to stick to their roots but are open minded and receptive towards positive changes that are necessary to be introduced to their society with time.

Another impressive quality of the Maldivian people is their intelligence. The people of Maldives are hard working. They don’t mind putting in their life and soul for the upliftment of their economy. The contribution of Maldivian people in the economy of the country is pretty significant. The geneoristy of Maldivian people distinguishes them from others in a big way. They are generally trustworthy and they like to extend a friendship hand towards strangers as well. So you wont feel out of place in this country for sure.

The chief of the island himself offers any newcomer a cold coconut drink. A nutritious snack is also served along with it in the honor of the guest. This snack is usually made of sea food, a popular edible in the country.

Maldives finds a mix race of people. A majority of the country’s population is a rigid follower of Islam. Out of these, a large number of them are Sunni Muslims.

The people of Maldives are culturally and religiously grounded. The rich culture and heritage of the country can be felt in the air. If you get a chance to get a close view of that, we suggest ‘don’t miss it’. You get to see an entirely different side of the country.

The people of Maldives have a lot of focus on education. They motivate their children for higher education. They have a lot of respect for women in their society. Some outstanding women are given the important roles in the society. Strategic positions are also offered to women of the country.

The festivities of Maldives are something that you just cannot afford to miss. The liveliness and mood of celebration in the people of Maldives is unmatchable. Maldivian people certainly know how to enjoy themselves to the best.

Maldives People